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The Family Program is loosely based on the 선배-후배 (sunbae-hoobae) relationship in Korean colleges. This system is how UCLA KASA helps integrate new members (“littles”) into the club by pairing them with “bigs,” members who have already been in the club. There are typically two bigs and a couple of littles in a family. However, g-bigs ("grand-bigs"), g-g-bigs, and so forth are also part of the family. Thus, when joining a family, members also join a lineage.

Members may have various expectations, needs, or desires. Therefore, in order to provide the best possible experience for all of our members, the families are formed based on interests, compatibility, and preferences. There is also a family competition with a prize in order to encourage families to hang out. Some examples for typical hangouts are study sessions, kickbacks, Westwood boba outings, dining hall meals, and KASA events. 


The family program for this school year will be in session! We will be holding a "Meet the Bigs" event this 2023-2024 fall quarter for all our members to meet their potential bigs! Check out our Instagram @uclakasa for FAQs and future updates! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. : )

2022-2023 FAMS

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